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With our technology leadership and professional approach, customers select us as their preferred supplier for all sorts of test solutions and wind turbine design tools. Our facilities include several rotor blade test stands and dedicated composite manufacturing and test laboratories. Work field includes wind turbines, tidal, offshore oil & gas, marine sector, civil engineering and automotive. We understand the importance of customer focus starting with smart, cost-efficient solutions, not wasting time during the process, ending with delivering excellent results that enable our customers to develop their products further.

New Managing Director WMC

28-01-2016 Wieringerwerf
Ir. Ben Hendriks will start as Managing Director of Knowledge Centre WMC on 2nd February 2016.
Ben Hendriks has a long track record in wind energy. Graduated in Mechanical engineering, he started working on testing full scale rotor blades in 1991. He worked in different research and managerial roles for ECN, WindMaster, and Garrad Hassan (now DNV-GL).
With our new director, we look forward to a successful continued cooperation with our clients and partners.

New WMC large climate chamber put in operation

11-12-2015 Wieringerwerf
Today, Knowledge Centre WMC started the first mechanical test in a newly built climate chamber. The WMC large climate chamber has a volume of 51 m3 (L 5.1 m x W 2.7 m x H 3.7 m). The temperature can be controlled between -20 and +80 °C (accuracy 1 °C). The climate chamber offers flexibility, as large mechanical test set-ups can be installed inside this chamber. All necessary facilities (such as hydraulics, electricity, heating, cooling, data-acquisition and video monitoring) are available.

For inquiries performing tests in the climate chamber, please contact
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WMC helps rotor blades fly


Whereas WMC is usually active in the field of non-flying wind turbine rotor blades, we have recently been involved in certification testing of rotor blades for a flying car, the PAL-V ONE.

As part of the product development and certification procedure, a number of structural tests were performed on a rotor blade for PAL-V's hybrid car and gyroplane. Quasi static tests were successfully performed in WMC's large test frame, which can accommodate specimens of up to ca. 5 m and loads of up to 350 tonnes.

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WMC at the 20th ICCM in Copenhagen

A team of WMC material researchers attended the 20th International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM20) in Copenhagen, from 19 to 24 July 2015.

The WMC material research team, represented by Francisco Lahuerta, Iuri Barcelos and Sibrand Raijmaekers, contributed with three oral presentations based on submitted scientific papers. The works by Iuri and Sibrand focused on the natural and accelerated ageing of composite materials, while the one by Francisco dealt with characterization of thick laminates.
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Full-scale blade testing

WMC has developed the procedures for blade tests since 1984 and has tested many blades for many of the largest blade manufacturers ever since.

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FOCUS6 is the integrated modular tool to design wind turbines and wind turbine components like rotor blades. For more than a decade, FOCUS6 is being used by the international wind turbine industry.

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Structural testing

Besides testing for the wind energy, WMC has extensive expertise and testing capacity for other structural and material testing for different sectors, like the oil & gas industry and civil engineering.