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New FOCUS6 Offshore module

FOCUS6, a wind turbine design package developed by the Knowledge Centre Wind turbine Materials and Constructions (WMC), has now been extended with an offshore design module, enabling its users to model the next generation of large offshore wind turbines.

The FOCUS6 Offshore module is used in combination with Aeroelasticity II, the Wind Turbine Design module of FOCUS6. The module includes the Support Structure Modeler. This interactive 3D modeler allows to model jacket and lattice tower like support structures. The module includes deterministic and stochastic wave generators and a load set generator based on IEC 61400-4 and GL 2012 Offshore. FOCUS6 Offshore also includes functionality to define wave and current loading. The analysis results can be viewed with an interactive result viewer.
Visit this webpage for more information about FOCUS6.

Knowledge Centre WMC

The Knowledge Centre WMC is a research organisation with the following main activities:

  • Material research and testing
  • Structural testing of (large) components
  • Software development (for wind turbines)

In the general information brochure of WMC an overview is given of the services Knowledge Centre WMC can provide.