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With our technology leadership and professional approach, customers select us as their preferred supplier for all sorts of test solutions and wind turbine design tools. Our facilities include several rotor blade test stands and dedicated composite manufacturing and test laboratories. Work field includes wind turbines, tidal, offshore oil & gas, marine sector, civil engineering and automotive. We understand the importance of customer focus starting with smart, cost-efficient solutions, not wasting time during the process, ending with delivering excellent results that enable our customers to develop their products further.

WMC on track!

15-04-2016 Wieringerwerf

WMC conducted several tests for voestalpine Railpro in corporation with DEKRA Rail on insulated Electrical Separation joints for rail bars. First an ES-joint was tensile loaded in length direction (statically up to 160 tonnes and dynamically up to 80 tonnes) while measuring the joint separation distance and monitoring the isolation disc between the rail bars. Secondly an ES-joint was fatigue loaded in 4-point bending up to 10 million cycles. During the 4-point bending fatigue test, the joint was periodically sprayed with water and the electrical resistance over the joint was measured.

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Flapwise fatigue test on the EWT29 blade at Knowledge Centre WMC

07-04-2016 Wieringerwerf
Knowledge Centre WMC performed the full scale testing program for the certification of the EWT29 rotor blade for wind turbine manufacturer EWT. As part of the blade test program, the flapwise fatigue test was performed at the first flapwise resonance frequency of the blade (see video). Both the range and average of the bending moment distribution are controlled during the test by using two hydraulic actuators. The rotor blade is used in the EWT DW61 direct drive wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 61 m For more information about this wind turbine please visit the website from EWT.

Material experts of ECN and WMC join forces to boost material research services for industry

10-03-2016 Wieringerwerf, Petten
ECN and Knowledge Centre WMC agree on closer cooperation on material research for industry. The material knowledge and research of both organizations are complementary to each other and cover a large range of material related aspects. The new cooperation supports the industry from initial design to application and makes the unique knowledge infrastructure of both organizations available for this purpose.

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Siemens monopile shaker calibration tests

03-03-2016 Wieringerwerf
Last year WMC facilitated Siemens with the calibration of the DISSTINCT monopile shaker. The calibration tests are part of a TKI Wind op Zee research project about dynamic soil-structure interaction (DSSI). In order to investigate soil behaviour, with the ultimate goal to improve offshore support structure design and reduce the cost of offshore wind energy, the monopile shaker is used in field tests on foundations of the Westermeerwind Wind Farm.
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Full-scale blade testing

WMC has developed the procedures for blade tests since 1984 and has tested many blades for many of the largest blade manufacturers ever since.

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FOCUS6 is the integrated modular tool to design wind turbines and wind turbine components like rotor blades. For more than a decade, FOCUS6 is being used by the international wind turbine industry.

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Structural testing

Besides testing for the wind energy, WMC has extensive expertise and testing capacity for other structural and material testing for different sectors, like the oil & gas industry and civil engineering.