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With our technology leadership and professional approach, customers select us as their preferred supplier for all sorts of test solutions and wind turbine design tools. Our facilities include several rotor blade test stands and dedicated composite manufacturing and test laboratories. Work field includes wind turbines, tidal, offshore oil & gas, marine sector, civil engineering and automotive. We understand the importance of customer focus starting with smart, cost-efficient solutions, not wasting time during the process, ending with delivering excellent results that enable our customers to develop their products further.

WMC-colleague receives PhD on mechanical behaviour of thick laminates

06-02-2017 Wieringerwerf

On January 18, WMC senior research scientist Francisco Lahuerta successfully defended his dissertation on thickness effects in composites. The project was aimed at exploring the driving mechanisms of failure in very thick laminates (up to several decimeters thick) under quasi-static and fatigue conditions.

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Public Kick-off of 'EFRO Valorisation of high-tech composites'

17-01-2017 Wieringerwerf
WMC is one of the partners in a regional project aimed at promoting innovations in composites. Small- and medium enterprises in the region of North-Holland are joining forces with various knowledge institutes in this project. The 5M€ project is partly enabled by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO, through 'Kansen voor West') and the Province of North-Holland; the partners contribute 30 to 50% of the budget, depending on type of partner and project.

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New FOCUS6 Blade Testing module

30-09-2016 Wieringerwerf
Today, WMC releases a new version of FOCUS6 with a brand new module: Blade Testing. Using decades of experience in blade testing WMC developed this module. It supports blade testing, starting with establishing of test loads, design and preparation of the test and analysis of test results. It helps designers of a blade test fitting the test load with the target load envelope, positions of load saddles, actuator or winch anchor points and choosing positions of strain gauge locations. After the test, test results can be compared with simulated results.

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New R&D project VaStBlades: lower cost of energy due to more accurate design of large turbine blades

09-09-2016 Wieringerwerf

ECN, together with partners WMC, TRES4 B.V. and GE Global Research will kick off a new R&D project to enable more accurate designs of wind turbine blades by improved modelling and validation of torsional flexibility (which is the twisting of the blade). The VaStBlades project will deliver datasets with unique validation data, an improved structural blade model, validated aeroelastic and structural tools and a 10MW wind turbine blade design.

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Full-scale blade testing

WMC has developed the procedures for blade tests since 1984 and has tested many blades for many of the largest blade manufacturers ever since.

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FOCUS6 is the integrated modular tool to design wind turbines and wind turbine components like rotor blades. For more than a decade, FOCUS6 is being used by the international wind turbine industry.

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Structural testing

Besides testing for the wind energy, WMC has extensive expertise and testing capacity for other structural and material testing for different sectors, like the oil & gas industry and civil engineering.